Body Piercings

  • Copperhead Tattoo & Piercing offers one of the safest and cleanest piercing facilities in the greater Austin area. Our piercing artists are properly trained, professional and in full compliance with the Texas Department of State Health Services, or DSHS.

Piercings and Price List

EAR LOBE                              $65                TONGUE                        $90

HELIX                                      $65               BRIDGE                         $90

FORWARD HELIX                  $70               SEPTUM                         $100

FLAT                                        $65               NAVEL                            $100

NOSTRIL                                 $70               DAITH                            $95

TRAGUS                                  $70               INDUSTRIAL                 $120

CONCH                                    $70              SURFACE ANCHOR       $120

LIP                                                 $70                   GENITALS                  $180 

SNUG                                            $80

ROOK                                           $80

JESTRUM                                    $80

VERTICLE LABRET                $80

EYEBROW                                 $80

NIPPLE                                       $90


Kayla Spears

Sofia Ortiz Mon-Tues

Our Jewelry Material

  • The jewelry we carry for initial and well healed piercings is certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials, known as ASTM International. That means that it is tested and made with the best quality suitable for healing and long term wear.
  • We never use or sell jewelry made of reactive metals, silicones, PTFE or any novelty jewelry that can’t be worn for long periods of time.

New Body Piercing Aftercare

L.I.T.H.A!!!! (Leave it the heck alone y’all)

  • Body Piercings heal much faster when your body is left to do what it does best. Keeping your hands off of your new piercing is the best way to ensure they heal the quickest and best way possible.
  • The only aftercare product we recommend is saline solution. Using a saline solution in a spray form keeps it sterile and easy to irrigate your new piercing of any healing debris. Do this once or twice a day for the first couple of weeks as needed when debris is present. You can also rinse your new piercing in the shower, which is good practice to make sure no soaps or cleaning products get into the piercing channel and cause irritation. You must take extra care to dry your piercing as excessive moisture can cause infection and trap bacteria.
  • Icing the piercing site can have a great effect on pain and swelling, but be sure that you are not putting pressure on the area or using any dirty materials in direct contact with your new piercing.
  • Downsize at the appropriate time as directed by your body piercer to avoid irritation bumps, your piercing healing at the wrong angle, and excessive movement.


Oral Piercing Aftercare

  • Rinse your mouth with clean/bottled water after eating or drinking anything that isn’t water. Drink cold liquids or use ice to help with swelling and pain. Continue this until the site is back to normal and is no longer painful.
  • Make sure to come back for a downsize as directed by your body piercer to avoid damage to teeth and gums. Properly fitted jewelry for oral piercings is a must to minimize the risk of oral damage.
  • Avoid smoking, oral sex, highly acidic/spicy foods/drinks, alcohol, and strong alcohol based mouthwash until your piercing is fully healed.
  • OOPS!
    Your piercing fell out or you took it out and can’t get jewelry back in? DON’T WAIT. New piercing wounds can shrink and heal up very quickly. Come back in and have one of our body piercers take a look and help insert jewelry the same day. If you wait multiple days or weeks, there will more than likely need to be a repierce.