Copperhead Tattoo is a Custom Tattoo Studio that provides a more private relaxed atmosphere for our clients. Whether you’re looking for Color Realism, Black and Grey Realism, Traditional, Neotraditional , Blackwork, or Pointalism, we have A distinguished group of Artists who can work with you to create the perfect Tattoo. We suggest looking at our Tattoo Artists portfolios and finding the right artist for you.

The Process

In order for a tattoo to be applied permanently into your skin, the ink must be inserted into the dermis, which is approximately one-to-two millimeters under the surface of the skin. This is done by using needles specifically manufactured for the purpose of tattooing. As the needles puncture your dermis, pigment is pushed into the tiny holes the needles create and is trapped between the dermal layers. When this process is properly performed, you’re left with a tattoo that should last you a lifetime.

The Ink

Professional tattoo artists use ink distributed by reputable manufacturers here in the US. Most tattoo inks are made of a mixture of pigment, water, and alcohol, which ensures sterilization.

Substandard ink, often made in China, can occasionally lead to serious side effects for the wearer.

At Copperhead Tattoo and Piercing, we only use the highest quality inks, which are made from the finest branded tattoo ink suppliers in the USA. Any remaining, or left-over ink used in the application of a tattoo is never recycled or re-used, and is always properly disposed of.