Although tattoos are almost mainstream nowadays how much we really know about this phenomenon that is around 6,000 years old? 17% of those who have tattoos, regret them. The most often reason for regret is “It’s a name of another person”. United States have more than 20,000 tattoo parlors. This number grows by one every day. Term “Tattoo” became the number ones search term on the Internet in 2002. Of those who have tattoos, 70% have more than one tattoo and 20% have more than five. 36% of Americans between the age of 18 and 29 have at least one tattoo.

72% of adults with tattoos have tattoos that are usually hidden by clothing. More women regret their tattoos than men. In 2012, 21% of Americans had one or more tattoos. That is around 45 million people in US alone. Statistics from 2005 said that of all people that American Society of Dermatological Surgery treats with lasers, only 6% of them are treated for tattoo removal. 30% of all college graduates in United States have tattoos.

35% of those between 30 and 39 years in the United Kingdom have tattoos. The most common place for a tattoo in women is ankle (27%) and in men is upper back shoulder (34%). 5% of those that don’t like their tattoos decide to cover it with another tattoo instead to remove it. In Australia, 47% of tattoos that are removed with a Q-switched laser, require up to 10 sessions to be successfully removed. 26% of tattoos require more than 15. In United States 11% of those that have tattoos are from 50 to 64 years old.

Small tattoos cost around $45 while larger cost around $150 per hour of work. United States citizens spend 1.65 billion dollars a year on tattoos. 31% of those that have tattoo feel that tattoo made them sexy, 29% feel that it made them (or shows them as) rebellious, while 5% feels that a tattoo shows them as intelligent. The most searched language as an inspiration for tattoos is Japanese. When looking to get a tattoo 49% of those who get a tattoo consider reputation of tattoo artist or tattoo studio as a most important factor, 43% need a tattoo with a personal meaning, and only 8% consider a price as a most important factor.

In the U.S., 15 % of men and 13% of women have tattoos. 42% of people think that tattoos don’t make people any more or less attractive. 24% think that they make and 22% think that they don’t. 36% of military veterans and those that currently serve the Army in United States have tattoos. 69% of people don’t see people with tattoos any more or less deviant than people without tattoos. 32% of people with tattoos claim that they are addicted to ink.